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the fact of life... =)

Life... fuhhh ok some people said, "life's not fair".. BUT not for me.. seriously, I don't feel it even for a second.. That's call "fitrah" when some people has a good life and some people not, coz it depend on how lucky u are and the way u manage ur life.. so that's why sometimes we felt so happy and in the same time we are in the bad situation.. it's not fair??? fair right... 

So disebabkan hidup nie terlalu adil la.. maka "sometime" we should to do something that is not with our consent .. Yup, terpaksa.. bunyi macam tak best je kan, tapi tu la fact nye.. but maybe it also depend la kot on how "rela" u are..coz manusia nie bukan sume nak mengalahkan.. :) so..

"Sometimes you need to pretend that everything alright although something is not right.

Sometimes you need to admit others mistakes even though it's not your fault.

Sometimes you need to hear what others say about you.

Sometimes you need to say the truth even though it's may hurt others.

Sometimes you need to put your ego to the side to care others feeling.

Sometimes you need to think about others before you think about yourself.

Sometimes you need to show your respect even though s/he is younger than you.

Sometimes you have to be like others depend on the situation/place." 

that's what we call life... menjaga dan dijaga.. menyakiti dan disakiti.. 

*pe hal aqu tetibe bersyarah bout life pepagi nie????... ok! sebab aqu tengah ting tong tak boleh tido -.-' pape pun thanks adik tersayang hazlin azhar.. ko boleh bantai tido je kan aqu tengah sakit² nie..

ringankan tangan, sudikan diri tekan "LIKE" ;)


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