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single??? it's ok~

=( salam~ First of all, just want u olls know that i feel like super duper stupid damn bored!. so a little bit emotional today~ Yeh! no idea wat to do, where to go even wat to eat! *dalam umah penuh makanan bertema daging je, i gonna fat coz of that! huh

So at last terase nak merepek meraban dalam blog~ Bout what??? erm... ok simple topic.. bout single.. why?? coz akhir² nie kawan² ku sibuk bercakap pasai isu "kawen"... al maklum umur dah semakin nak tua..hahha so let discuss something bout "single". Wait da miniut! am i single???? ;) *thats secreat!hohaha* Ok, fine! this entry not talk bout me but you you and you! yes all of u! listen this carefully! listen??? Erkkk ok my bad -.- i mean READ this carefully! ;)

So are u single??? no??? no?? yes??? ok that person who say "no" plz go, no need to read this..hahahah ok u! yes u the single one.. why u r still single ha!!!! can't u fine even 1 person in this world to be ur girl/boyfren??? Erkk okey, just fine one not "even one" ;p Relax² doesn't matter... i'll not mad coz u r still single, don't be upset..heheh that's great what u r still single.. why??? ok simple...

Why u r still single.. just u and god know the reason.. but for me, maybe because u haven't found ur mr right yet. Being single doesn't mean u r desperate for a gurl/ boyfrend.. just like a blogger.. doesn't mean when u want be a blogger, u r desperate to be famous *tetiba* So what can i say, if u r "single" that is just a small matter.. u know what, in this world there ave how many gurl/boy?? so sure sure sure sure! one day u 'll found one who can be ur mr.right.. trust me =) 

So doesn't matter u r single or not... da point is "pepandai jaga batas pergaulan lelaki dan perempuan"~ Tak guna kalau bercouple but stupid bout it ^.^

*another case = "being single does not mean available" =p
ringankan tangan, sudikan diri tekan "LIKE" ;)


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